MEWP Training

Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) training

Learn about the various aspects related to the operation of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms by getting in touch with our highly skilled company, AR Training. If your profession requires you to work on a MEWP, this course is mandatory for you to ensure successful operation and safety in your workplace.

The MEWP training delivered by the registered instructors at AR Training is a wisely designed combination of classroom tutorials and practical lessons. On successfully completing the training and passing the examination you will be awarded a national certification.

How will the training benefit you?
  • In-depth understanding of MEWPs
  • Compliance guidelines
  • Appropriate MEWP selection
  • Assess the load and lateral stability of MEWPs
  • Pre-inspection of any MEWP
  • Safe operation in elevated position
  • Complete working knowledge of a MEWP

In-house Training

All training delivered by AR Training can be certified for In-House use only.

Are you looking for a professional centre that delivers MEWP training courses? Call AR Training on: